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posted by [personal profile] jeethree at 10:28pm on 21/12/2008
Fic for the holiday season~ especially for [ profile] aintshesweet_x  and [ profile] brainrat 
~crackalicious turned angsty with HDRC and Bill, Barack, Evan, Rahm

Madame Secretary of State Nominee leaned back calmly on the white chaise lounge, sipping a Diet Dr. Pepper.  Her blue shades matched perfectly with her sapphire swimsuit modified pantsuit that she'd come up with the other day. 

While other women would be bundled up in furs or wrapped in blankets, the Secretary of State Nominee simply withstood the cold.  Besides, she wanted some more color before the Twentieth.  

It was a cool day, but that apparently did nothing to calm Bill down- that wayward husband of hers was going gaga over a possible blond "hottie" taking her place.  Just as well, after the election he had started acting funny... no... it was after the Democratic National Convention- he'd been wary whenever she spoke about meeting with Barack, almost as if he didn't trust either of them.  

Quite silly really, just because for a few hours the two of them had been temporarily placed in some faraway place before the ancient speaker was convinced to bring the presidential nominee and her back.... afterward the two of them agreed it was only an adrenaline rush and frustration, nothing else. 

It seemed Bill was paranoid though, he had started following her around like a puppy dog.  It wasn't until later he started acting funny towards another one of her close associates that she had told him to back off.

"Bill- are we in high school?"

"I'm just wondering why he's here all the time."

"Because we have business to discuss."  She nearly closed the study's door in his face as Evan gave her an amused look.  He puckered his lips at her and asked if she wanted to share a melting blizzard with her.  She was sure Bill got an earful of her signature laughter as he listened in.

Evan was- is a wonderful man with a wonderful wife.  But if the two of them had met in another time...  she sat up and placed the soda on the glass table.  Sometime she wished morals weren't screaming at her while Bill seemed to process them in one ear and out the other.  She loved her husband, but he could be blind.  

Even back in the nineties when she first met the foul-mouthed but efficient Rahm- the man had infuriated her with his familiarities and knowing smile- there had been something.  His wife Amy seemed to have no problems with it, as she gave an invitation to a private dinner with a similar smile.  Should she have said yes to that invitation?  The Emanuels were infamous in the D.C. inner circles for retaining tight relationships using interesting methodology.  The invitation had never come up again, but every winter she received a specially made Snickers cheesecake from the two.

She was admired, despised, and famous in many ways but the public knew nothing about her possible romantic suitors.  It was just as well.  But sometimes...

She noticed him approaching her before he reached her.  "What are you thinking about?"

She reached for the Diet Dr. Pepper.  "Nothing, really.”
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