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Obama and Hilary Debate

more animated politicians here... )
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Oct. 20-31

Presidential Campaign websites~
Gene Amondson - Prohibition Party
Chuck Baldwin - Constitution Party
Bob Barr - Libertarian Party
Róger Calero - Socialist Workers Party
Charles Jay - Boston Tea Party
Alan Keyes - America's Independent Party / Independent
Gloria La Riva - Party for Socialism and Liberation
John McCain - Republican Party
Cynthia McKinney - Green Party
Brian Moore - Socialist Party USA
Ralph Nader - Independent
Barack Obama - Democratic Party
Ted Weill - Reform Party
Someone else that you wrote in like Stephen Colbert or "none of the above"

There can only be one...
plus a bunch of local people who'd like your vote too.

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Given prompt from anon:

Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton, anyone from FMA
Respective Fandoms: uh, Democrats? and, well, Fullmetal Alchemist.
Type of Fanwork: fic would be good^^
Plot/Theme/Details: BARACILLY ROMANCE LIKE IT'S GOING OUT OF STYLE. And, yeah, them in Central or something I guess.
Anything else: uh, no spoilers from after vol. 11 of the manga? hehe... other then that, knock yourselves out. The world needs some Baracilly fic...

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But I do like Paul Dinello.

Oh Dinello, Paul Dinello, why are you such an attractive fellow?
Such a beautiful man with such great talent, it's just not fair
Supple, strong arms, running my hands up them would make me feel so mellow
If I had the chance I'd announce my infatuation on department store intercom even if it wasn't a dare.
Full lips which give breath to an earth shattering grin, make my knees turn into Jello
But you sometimes make me wonder if there's something I've missed while admiring your head of curly hair
- the only time I've ever seen you kiss someone it's Stephen Colbert.
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Have you ever thought one particular day was going faster than your mind could process?   Technically speaking, today I thought was going to be a "normal" one, with the backdrop of the news filled with politicians taking off the white gloves and the market jumbling as the rest of the world was involved in much more important things-

-then suddenly, Heath Ledger?  I thought it was one of those stupid hoaxes at first.  I guess it's because of the age, or the fact a person I don't automatically associate with "news" (but probably lately I associate celebrity + news = craziness)  -> a celebrity I find respectable.

...and then I normally don't write about tv shows, but...I was blown away by the Colbert Report.  Mainly because of a well planned history segment into an interview.  One of the best things I've ever seen. 

I don't know what I'm trying to say, especially I'm normally a quiet lurker, someone who appreciates but is too darn quiet to say anything.   So I think I'll stop here.    
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Happy New Year. (Please enjoy and celebrate to your personal satisfaction with those you wish to be with. That is all.  Move along, nothing to see here...)  
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Happy [insert holiday(s) of choice] and an early happy new years or just have a wonderful day!  Hugs/friendly handshakes for all! Whoo!   
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Say anything, no judgment
an open mind, open site
I, a lone stranger
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current status: editing/writing application papers and resume.  pondering how long it will take to reach baldness.  noticing that Al and Roy chibi dolls are in near perfect condition while Ed chibi doll has an unglued shoe strap and falling shrimp braid- Ed will have to undergo hot glue gun procedure this weekend. 
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Fade in.  Simple pale blue backdrop, the letter E in bright red floats midair.  Edward Elric enters from stage left.

Ed: E.  Edward

A long pause.  Edward checks his pockets and draws out a flat rectangular, pink rubber object.

Ed: E. Eraser.   

Faint trumpeting can be heard off stage.  Set slightly shakes twice but Ed doesn't seem to have noticed.  He locks his gloves together, then pulls them apart revealing...

Ed:  E.  Egg

Set shakes again, this time Ed pauses, but then resumes his job- spinning the egg into a statuesque figurine of an...

Ed: E.  Eagle.   (Figurine eagle for some strange reason includes extra long talons and a menacing beak )

Loud trumpeting from stage left- set shakes up and down. 

Ed: E....Elephant?! 

A gigantic elephant chases Edward off the set.  After a minute of nothing but a pale blue backdrop, Envy enters on screen stage right.  He gives the home audience a leering grin.

Envy:  E. Envy.

Envy: E!   

Closeup on the letter E.  Fade out.
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